Stonegate wall blocks are the perfect combination of function and style. Available in three unique shapes and sizes, with a weathered, cut-stone appearance. The double-sided Stonegate wall blocks can be installed in patterns or irregularly, emulating the look of a quaint European village. Whether it's an outdoor kitchen, seating wall, columns, or an erosion control retaining wall system, Stonegate wall blocks are the most versatile wall blocks on the market.

  • Retaining and freestanding applications
  • Tumbled appearance
  • Capable of radius designs


Name Size H x FW/BW x D Face Area
Unit Weight Units/Pallet Area/Pallet Weight/Pallet
6/4 Unit 6" x 6" / 4" x 10" 0.25 / 0.17 sq. ft. 21-24 lbs. - 26 sq.ft. 2,500 lbs
12/10 Unit 6" x 12" / 10" x 10" 0.50 / 0.42 sq. ft. 47-51 lbs. -
16/14 Unit 6" x 16" / 14" x 10" 0.66 / 0.58 sq. ft. 60-65 lbs. -
Cap Unit 3" x 12" / 10" x 11" - 27-30 lbs. 126 units - 2,756 lbs


Note: Our products are made from solid color concrete for lasting appearance and durability. Photographs contained herein are for representation only. Refer to actual product samples when making color selection. Product dimensions given are nominal.

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